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Our Partners

Join us in fueling the next generation of entrepreneurs...

We are incredibly grateful for each of our corporate, civic, community, and university partners — all of whom share our belief in the critical role that entrepreneurs play in driving economic opportunity, regional vitality, and solving global challenges.  Together, we are commited to supporting our founders with access to the capital, networks, and expertise they need to build world class companies.

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Benefits include:


Supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations it shows that your organization prioritizes innovation across our entire community.  


Increase internal innovation by providing opportunities for your team members to directly interact with and support the local ecosystem. 


Partnering with startups often gives your customers access to new and innovative companies that could potentially help their business or make an impact in their lives.


Private-sector job growth is significantly higher in economic regions where startup activity is high. Supporting local startups can have a considerable impact on the local ecosystem.