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Welcome to the Growth Factory

Capital, tools, and expert mentorship to accelerate world-class founders and their companies from MVP to product-market fit,
venture-backed, and beyond.

30 Years Experience

The Growth Factory is a nonprofit accelerator with a mission to scale truly great companies in the Greater Sacramento region by supporting early-stage founders with capital and a community of expert mentors, partners, advocates, and other founders.

365 Days of Support

The Growth Factory commits to working alongside founders for at least a year.  In the first 16 weeks, founders are paired with a lead mentor and create a customized roadmap to rapidly validate product-market fit and execute in areas like customer acquisition, marketing, and fundraising.  For the remainder of the year, the Founder to CEO program provides tools and support to help Founders tackle the challenges and opportunities of leading a high growth venture backed company.

Community Focused

We’ve rallied an engaged community of partners, mentors, customers, advocates, and other founders whoare committed  to help you thrive.

100+ Mentors​

Our team is here to help fill any gaps in your startup and lead you on the path towards success.

Our Core Values

We believe that the most important decisions we make in life have to do with the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves.  As we build the Growth Factory’s Backyard Dream Team, we are committed to leading with CHARACTER and intentional about engaging founders, investors, partners, community members that embody these traits as well.  We CHARACTERs love one another, strive to give as much or more than we take, and have a lot of fun winning together.












Growth Factory is built on transparency and honesty. We build community relationships and startup success by taking the guesswork out of the startup process, granting access to the resources and funding needed to grow the local economy.


As the go-to solution for startup resources, we educate founders and funders on the startup process and financial opportunities gained from investing, creating thriving opportunities for all involved.


At Growth Factory, we're in this together. We strive to build inclusive, collaborative, and life-changing experiences. We know that entrepreneurs can feel alone and uncertain, that's why we forge strong alliances that bridge experience and support at all levels of building a business.

The Team

Mark Haney
Founding Partner

Monique Brown
Managing Director

Rick Spencer
Managing Partner

HUB Space

Join our growing community of local entrepreneurs! The HUB, powered by HaneyBiz, offers private office and coworking spaces within a thriving community that can support you as you pursue success.

The Mark Haney Show


The Mark Haney Show is the business leadership platform focused on igniting the entrepreneurial revolution in Sacramento. Since its debut in 2015, The Mark Haney Show has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting some of Northern California’s most notable billionaires, millionaires, and start-up founders as guests.

An interview style format, the show features Mark and his guests engaging in entertaining and informative discussions about the opportunities and challenges confronting entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis. Topics covered include everything from raising capital, to managing growth, to leadership and attaining personal goals. It’s an hour full of the information and inspiration that it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

It’s been said that nine out of ten businesses fail, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Sacramento experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime renaissance, the Sacramento business community has a rare opportunity to come together to ensure that more businesses succeed. That’s what our mission is all about- entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

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4465 Granite Drive,
Rocklin, CA 95677