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Founder: Jon Shumate

Growth Factory Lead Mentor: Lance Loveday brings family and friends together to tell the stories of the lives of the ones you love, in a stunningly beautiful new way. Whether they passed away years ago, or are still with you but getting older, each of your loved ones deserves to have their life celebrated and love remembered, their stories preserved for posterity.  Inspired by his Grandmother, founder Jon Shumate is authentically passionate about helping families to capture and preserve the richness of life stories in a sacred place away from the noise of commercialized social media.

Jon joined the first Growth Factory Accelerator cohort and has worked hard over the last several months to develop new and engaging product features. Coming soon, will be releasing a video stories app that will allow family and friends to look right into the cameras on their phones and answer simple questions about themselves or their loved ones. So, when your kids ask what grandma was really like, they’ll be able to hear about her in the words of the loved ones who knew her best, and if they’re very lucky, in her own words as well.

Jon has also found a valuable thought partner in Growth Factory lead mentor, Lance Loveday of Closed Loop and additional seed capital through the Growth Factory network. Jon is not a first time founder – he’s been on this journey before with a local company called Requested that had a successful acquition by Waitr. So, he is full of wisdom and is incrediblly generous in sharing his lessons learned and offering encouragement to other founders in the cohort. Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs – it is so powerful!!