Growth Factory

Capital, tools, and expert mentorship to accelerate world-class founders and their companies from MVP to product-market fit, venture-backed, and beyond.


The Backyard Advantage™️

The Greater Sacramento region is rich in the talent and resources required to foster high growth startups.  By rallying and coordinating these resources in support of local founders, we believe that world class companies can be cultivated in our own backyard.

Our  Dream Team of top tier mentors, investors, partners, and experienced entrepreneurs will not only provide knowledge and expertise but offer community, camaraderie and fun.

We believe that nobody builds a truly great company alone.  But, with commitment, grit, targeted resources, and the right people – anything is possible.

The Growth Factory Accelerator

We help early stage startups rapidly progress from minimum viable product (MVP) to product market fit.  Then, we work with them to build the funding case and leadership capacity to attract the capital and team needed to support scaling a high growth company.

Created For Founders
Access the resources and insight you need to succeed

Supported by Investors
Meet dedicated startup founders to invest in

Masterminded by Mentors
Share your expertise with the next generation of startups

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"We’ve imagined the impact that the most resourceful regional leaders could have if united to help one promising entrepreneur. The Growth Factory is the realization of that vision multiplied by 100."
Mark Haney
Founder, Growth Factory

Now is the Time. Are You Ready?

Every success story contains a window of opportunity, that moment in an entrepreneur’s journey that makes all the difference. We seek early stage founders with world-class potential and the ability to quickly integrate the knowledge and resources provided in order to scale to success. 

By providing the resources you need to make the most of the moment, our community wins.

For those who are ready, now is the time.

Partner With Us

Do you believe that entrepreneurs are the heroes of the American economy? Help them create opportunity, jobs, and wealth that lifts the community up and drives it forward by partnering with the Growth Factory. 

Our elite team of community partners create engaging experiences and forge relationships that help the greater Sacramento business community succeed.